Another Cabin Weekend in the books
Another Cabin Weekend in the books

We're already lining up plans for 2016. Check back for fun pics/videos from the 2015 event as we post them!

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Pick Up Your Copies!
Pick Up Your Copies!

Four Unearthed Films are playing on the IHTV/FDTC Halloween Marathon! Pick up your copies of Visceral, Brainjacked, Collar and AGP at Unearthed Films' site!

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Eli Roth's Crypt TV
Eli Roth's Crypt TV

Crypt TV is here featuring many of the same shorts we've aired here at IHTV like SHE! Check out Crypt TV!

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This Weekend - All Times Eastern


12:00pm ToeTag Pictures BLOCK
August Underground
Redsin Tower
August Underground: Penance
Murder Collection Vol. 1
Sella Turcica

10:07pm Pig Barf
10:11pm Swamphead
11:27pm Easter Casket

12:47am Her Name Was Torment
1:37am Snuffet
2:34am Night of the Tentacles
4:05am Sorgoi Prakov - My European Dream
5:30am Fester
6:48am The Woodsman
8:33am The Slashening
9:55am Til Death
10:16am I Owe You
10:29am Agrizoophobia
10:41am Doll Boy
11:12am A Chance in Hell
11:44am 2 Hours
12:10pm Torched
12:54pm The Slayers - Portrait of a Dismembered Family
2:01pm The Puppet Monster Massacre
3:11pm The Hornet's Sting and the Hell it's Caused
4:10pm The Woods Within
5:12pm Brainjacked
6:44pm Visceral
8:00pm Progeny
8:11pm American Guinea Pig
9:23pm Collar
10:35pm Gutterballs


12:11am Night of the Dolls

1:37am Live Feed

2:58am Bleading Lady

4:15am New Blood Rising

5:36am Eaglewalk

6:06am Home Sweet Home

6:34am Hellbilly

7:21am Time to Kill

8:32am Famine

9:49am Teddy

10:01am Butcher's Hill

10:11am Kill That Bitch

11:19am Applecart

12:16pm Baby-Sitting

12:36pm Snake with a Human Tail

1:07pm Other

1:21pm The Stall

1:34pm Letting

1:37pm The Bite

2:55pm Generation Ax

4:13pm House of Whores

5:08pm Agoni

6:15pm Dismembering Christmas

7:26pm The Witching Season: Killer on the Loose

7:41pm Invalid

8:53pm Death Scort Service

10:12pm Headless

11:37pm Hole in the Wall



1:03am Pain Shack

2:22am Zombie A-Hole

4:10am Hanger

5:41am Light of Blood

7:03am The Collective (All Seven Volumes)

7:03pm RUN (Mostly Harmless Cut)

8:19pm RUN (Jabb Cut)

9:39pm Crossbearer

10:50pm Morris County



12:21am Remission

1:50am Mutantis

3:03am All Sinners Night

4:33am Switch

4:46am Silk

5:01am A Way Out

5:14am Tickle

5:26am Body(s)

5:44am Pity.

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