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Reservation Info

Call: 1-888-334-3987

Mention: "IndieHorror.TV" for 15% off all rooms and 10% off 3-day Cabin reservations!


If we have enough interest to fill the Cabins and the Inn, we have set up a special arrangement with the Bridgewater Inn to accept our special discounted pricing AND provide a shuttle!




Full Indie Horror Film Listing

Coming Soon.

What else is there to do in Eagle River?

Check out this video from The 2015 IndieHorror.TV Cabin Weekend!

























You've heard about corporate sponsored cruises where a company slaps a name on a super overpriced cruise and people pay just to take a normal cruise with very few company based incentives? We decided we wanted to do something that fit our audience and of course, would be a lot of fun for everyone.


Toss out the cruise, enter in the cabin by the woods experience and a sponsor that actually cares about their audience. From Thursday August 11th through Sunday morning August 14th, we're going to provide an incredibly fun experience for all. So let us run through the main particulars - first, the schedule.


• Two Classic Cabin Horror Movies (In CABIN SEVEN)• Roundtable Horror Discussion after films

• Group trip to get dinner together



• 2PM to 3:30PM: Horror Photography from Spyros

• 3:30 PM: Art Exhibition - ONE HOUR SHOWDOWN between Brian Defferding and another artist (Tim Sievert, hopefully)? Winner will be voted on by the group's applause and will receive a prize.

• 4:30PM-5:30PM: Group Dinner at Butch's Pizza North, Downtown Eagle River (PROVIDED BY INDIEHORROR.TV)

• 6PM-11PM: INDIE HORROR SHOWCASE at the VILAS CINEMA (Three to Four films, TBD, selected to be played in a real theater)• 12AM: Group Campfire Discussion/Hangout



• PONTOON BOAT AVAILABLE (One Day Only - Boat available from 9am to 8pm ONLY)

• 12PM: Lunch at Soda Pops - Walk Around DOWNTOWN

• 4PM: Twister at the VILAS CINEMA

• 6PM: HORROR TRIVIA and HORROR LIP SYNC CONTESTS (I had a number of people say they'd participate in a Lip Sync which requires a little less skill than a dance off, so let's do it).

• 7PM: Board/Card Games with anyone who wants to participate in Cabin 7

• 9PM-11PM: HORROR live band performance: Band TBD (preferably a return by Harley Poe)

• 11PM - 2AM: Late Night Horror Shorts/Trailers in Cabin 7



• Checkout at 11am

• Group Brunch at Leif's Cafe





This year we have two ways to get in on the action...



For the first time ever, we're opening the event up to the general public. If you live in the area and want to attend the film screenings at the Vilas Theater, the live concert or even participate in the two contests, all you need to do is be at least 18 years of age and show up. These are particularly gory/disturbing films and parental discretion is not only advised but expected.




All guests that make reservations and stay at the Edgewater Inn and Cottages resort are considered VIP GUESTS. That entitles you to quite a few additional perks.

Each Reservation receives a VIP wristband which gets you:

  • 2 Free Event T-Shirts per room/cabin** (Only if registered before July 1st)

  • 1 Free Gift Bag per cabin

  • Free Dinner (Butch's Pizza North) for everyone coming out to the Vilas Couty Theater for the Indie Horror features Friday night

  • Free Beer (21 and over only) while it lasts for all VIP guests

  • Use of the pontoon boat on Saturday

And of course the resort is discounted for the event! All reservations are eligible for a 15% discount on Rooms at Edgewater Inn and Cottages (link) in beautiful Eagle River, WI.  Pricing for the cottages is on their site, remember if you call and make a reservation tell them this is for the INDIE HORROR.TV event and you shall receive your discount.


Please call 1-888-334-3987 to make your reservation today!



Want to discuss the event?


Join our Facebook Event Page here!



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